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Better shirts,
built just for you.



The fit

We've solved the problems of the typical shirt.

  • Collars that hold shape and aren't too tight.
    • Four tasteful options.
    • We'll help you select the right one for the fabric.
    • Avoid that "office noose" feeling without looking sloppy.
  • Quality material, precision cut and hand stitched.
    • Carefully selected fabrics and details. No bad choices.
    • Old-world craft, modern technology.
    • Sturdy construction that lasts.
  • All natural premium buttons.
    • Horn, mother of pearl, corozo nut, metal.
    • Real panther? No. But definitely never plastic.
    • Sewn on with strength.
  • The right shirt and sleeve length.
    • Leave it out or tuck it in.
    • Works with jeans or suits.
    • Comfortably fitted. Not "pirate sleeves".
  • No shirt fat.
    • Parachute shirts went out with parachute pants.
    • Comfortably eliminate the "spare tire" look.
    • Available in slim and standard fits; your preference.
  • Cuffs that don't slide down your palm.
    • Fit close to the wrist without squeezing.
    • We can make room for your watch.

Built for you. Not the masses.

Thanks for asking

How do I make a purchase?

Your first purchase has to be made with one of our Outfitters so we can measure you and confirm your fit. After that, it's go time online. Of course you can reorder from our Outfitter anytime, too. Get started.

What if you're not in my area?

Right now, our service is only available in select cities but we're rolling out more ASAP. Sign up to receive news and updates and share with friends. The more people in your area sign up, the faster we can get there.

What's an appointment like?

Convenient, fun, easy. We meet where you want, usually your home or office. There's no hassle, no pressure, and we don't confuse you with a million choices. Just great shirts and good conversation. All in about 15 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Your Outfitter appointment is free and no purchase is necessary. As for the product, our prices are comparable to similar high-quality, off-the-rack shirts, only we make ours specially to fit you.