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Sometimes the best way to approach new problems is to rethink old solutions.

Made-to-measure—or as we call it, built-to-fit—has its roots in a different era of personal style, when clothes were cut and sewn to fit individuals and be worn for years, not fill discount shelves and wear out after a season. But to fit into our modern lives, we needed the service to be accessible, convenient, and easy. It had to combine the integrity of yesterday’s techniques with the innovations of today’s technology. It had to enable men to spend less time worrying about their wardrobes and more time doing what they love.

We wanted a brand that spoke to our relationship with the changing world; a method steeped in tradition but empowered by new industry. We wanted ruggedly-refined and classic styles made to men’s exact measurements, with all the benefits of local, personalized service and all the ease of online ordering.

We wanted better products. We wanted a better experience. We wanted a better way to shop.

So we created Trumaker.

Here's our CEO saying it best

Outfitter Video Image

Our team

Our diverse headquarters team comprises skilled creators from different backgrounds in business, fashion, and technology, united by shared passions for quality and innovation.

We’re cyclists, coffee-nerds, musicians, and perfectionists, and we believe that in clothing as in life, it’s the details that transform good into great.

Our Outfitters

As the skilled and style-savvy representatives of our company, our Outfitters are our customers’ local guides to Trumaker. They’re a network of women and men from all over the country committed to improving people’s lives through personalized, remember-your-name service. Just like your grandpa used to get from his tailor, except a lot more fashionable and a lot less crotchety.